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Our Valued Added

Our Valued Added

In doing so, 4C Capital brings our unique value added to each of our transactions:

Operator Perspective.

Our founding partners include owner operators, who understand the mindset of the entrepreneur and the journey that entrepreneurs travel to translate vision into market value. We have practical experience leveraging strategies for growing EBITDA and effectively managing costs that achieves early wins and that establish momentum across the entire organization post-close.

Human Capital and Resource Network.

Very often, the greatest opportunity for increasing company performance comes from augmenting its human capital and operating infrastructure. 4C Capital maintains a network of highly skilled, experienced and motivated “C” suite level individuals and service organizations that can increase the productivity and high quality output of our organizations. 4C Capital can also assist a company with acquiring, training, managing and retaining employees to enable their more effective contribution to the organization. Similarly, 4C Capital has a network of professional and service organizations ranging from accounting/auditing, information technology, billing, collections etc., that can supplement a company’s infrastructure needs.

Capital Sourcing.

4C Capital has the network to source capital partners who understand the dynamics of the industries and markets in which we invest. We then apply our expertise to structure the capital in a manner that tailors to the company’s strategic and operating goals and optimum risk. The overall result is capital that is efficient and optimized to the opportunity.

Culture Centric.

Vision, values, beliefs, learning, leadership, and people shape a company’s culture. Many factors go into an organization’s culture including how employees act while on the job, how leadership handles situations, and how outsiders view the organization. The best cultures achieve the most successful outcomes. 4C Capital is vigilant about understanding those aspects of the culture that makes a company great and we align our resources and capacity building style in a way that collaborates with the culture to achieve even greater outcomes.

Corporate Buyer Network.

4C Capital has long term relationships with many of America’s largest publicly and privately-owned and companies that operate nationally and globally. These firms make annual commitments to spend hundreds of millions of dollars with qualified small business enterprises that can deliver on a regional and national scale. Our access qualifies 4C Capital’s portfolio companies to be at the forefront of this preferred spending channel and can exponentially expand a company’s market positioning and revenue growth.